Falls apart

Today I was feeling very alice in wonderland, card house, black-white-red. Are those feelings???

Cdg via vogue.com

Comme des garcons via style/com

Ahhh, these cute lil' guys are too cute, I wish I could rule over them (well, in a lovely way not mean) I'd call them my little cards and dance in a house of cards with them.

What a totally artistic photo in a piano

Was trying to go for a guard thing but turned out to be two peckers on my face

Sweater-shirt-ish roll neck thingy (oh vocabulary); Zara, trousers; & Other Stories, happy socks, shoes; & Other Stories, the cape is from Forever 21 (I know! crazy right?) I wore it one side for half a day because I JUST FELT LIKE IT. (I don't know why that needed caps, I think I'm drinking too much tea)

Also! The little buttons on my roll neck thing match the zippers of my trousers AND my shoes! 
Okay, my little cards

See you wouldn't wanna be you! *just kidding*

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