Oh the wishlists

Christmas is coming up *cough* in a month!
I'm already very excited (you can't tell heh?) and christmas is important to me because I get gifts  I'm  with my friends and family. BUT some people are asking me what I want for a gift and it would be totally selfish and ungenerous of me NOT to give them ideas right?

1. A Rookie yearbook!
I'm begging for one since may so this is the perfect occasion for a rookie yearbook.

2. Cute socks or tights
I love socks and tights and I'm in a sixties fase right now so some bright colored tights would be perfect with the following item...

3. A miniskirt or dress!
I've always loved mini skirt a lot. I love the length, I love how it looks with tights and a big coat... I would like a straight fit like this one. But any kind of miniskirt with a nice color or print will do.



American apparel

4. A christmasy pair of jammies
Because all my pajamas are way too small. I basically live in comfortable clothes.

5. A tripod
First I didn't want a tripod because "I can do this without one, it's just as easy" but my pile of books with a pillow and a pencil is getting annoying. I don't think I'm getting one because it's more a practical gift than a christmas gift but I'm going to master the art of 'taking outfit photo's without a tripod'

6. A record player
I love them and I love records. I could channel my inner Batty Penderwick and sing along or just dance around in my room like I usually do.


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