Merry christmas everyone!
I had a really lovely christmas and this morning we opened our secret santa presents, I got a pair of socks and some lush stuff (two bath bombs, a shampoo bar and dusting powder) so yay! My dad said he ordered a rookie yearbook and it will arrive soon so more yay! Oh, I also got MOONRISE KINGDOM and some really cool patches.

I also went shopping on Tuesday and I got shoes because I only have sneakers and gifts for my friends. I also bought a shirt with matching trousers from AA.
I usually don't buy things at AA because I think it is way overpriced and everyone in my year wears it but when I tried this on it matched the colours of my glasses perfectly and I kind of died. This was my christmas outfit.

Aaah perfect colour matching

Shirt and trousers; AA, glitter socks; Topshop, shoes; & Other Stories

I've been a little insecure about my style lately because I don't have a certain "look". One day I'll wear really modern COS stuff and the other day I'll wear two skirts with a tie dye shirt. It's kind of hard because I never know what to buy because my outfits change every day. Well, I guess I'll figure it out. Yesterday I just wore a shiny blue shirt with a white collar tucked into a black midiskirt and glitter tights
Other news, I'm saving up for a record player and somewhere in february I'll get one! I'm thrilled to listen to all these records and sing and dance and love everything (exept for licourice, it's gross).


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