Because thinking of a funny title takes too much think work in these dark, dark days. All of my time is spend studying in the dark cave called 'my room'. When was the last time I saw the sun again? Can you notice my exams are here in three days and I have absolutely no motivation to start? Well I certainly do!

This morning was already very productive, I read a 5 pages long article dedicated to weird jello from the 50's, I also played with my cat and I was on instagram for half an our straight. Oh, I baked a chocolate pudding pie aswell, oh how fun exams are. My first one is tomorrow. Latin, fun.

This post is pretty much hair inspiration because my hair is currently in a state of "growing out a twiggy bob" which is not as cool as it sounds. It problably doesn't sound cool but is does sound to me blabla cats blabla pizza more bla glitter. Ecce

Via rookiemag

Winona Ryder (Love), Scarlett is just a cool girl in Four weddings and a funeral and has awesome hair, Tavi Gevinson, Amy blue. I'm thinking of cutting my hair like the girl in the second picture but don't have to guts to do it. My ultimate goal is to dye it this icy blue colour but my mom says I will regret it and my sister says I have to do at least one thing to regret later.

Love, I'm going back to Latin now!

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