Yes Yes yes

Okay, first of all, let us take some time and embrace this glorious, luxurious, magical moment of relief and happiness because EXAMS ARE OVER YES OVER THEY ARE FINALLY OVER.
Now we have like, a week free of school and then, christmas! So what will I do in this week of celebrations? Shop, ofcourse! Hang out with friends (you know, Rachel Mon, Chandler and Pheebs...)
Exams were  really not that bad although I started intensely laughing/crying because of a Taylor Swift song (Damn you shake it off! Just kidding I love you more than sleeping still love you hun,) but it was fine, my second name is just drama queen (evidence: read the first sentence of this post).
Today I tripped, spilled honey in my hair and bought a mini dress!!

Zara dress, hand me down knee socks

You can't really see the colors but it's kind of a blue green and yellow flowered mini dress. I love the fit (very sixties/seventies) the fit is very sixties but the print is more late 60s/early 70s. Tomorrow I will put some good quality pictures up but I wanted to show it to you before it gets totally lost in my to do list because I'm so busy you know. Yeah, SURE.

So I mean, mission minidress complete! 

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