Back to basics???

I know, you're probably like: corniest joke ever maybe?
Well, I don't care because I'm just a corny embarassing teenager and I love it.

Lately I've been thinking about my style a lot because I feel like I can't describe it in any way. 
Some days I dress very minimalistic an monochrome, sometimes I go all out and wear gold disco pants and platforms. It depends on how I feel in the morning. I started to dress more extravagant since last year so when I wear jeans and a T-shirt now I feel guilty because I feel like I didn't put any effort in my outfit. The truth is, sometimes I wake up and I'm fucking depressed because I'm a person and that's normal. On those days I don't feel like dressing extravagant and that's okay. You should never feel giulty wearing something you are comfortable in and don't let people tell you otherwise. 
What the heck if you're not 'normcore' or 'bohemian' like the magazines say, you're just you and you should feel good expressing who you are through your style. And if that means you want to buy a pink tutu even though people describe your style as 'classy', go for it. 

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