Creatures of the wind fall 2016

Oh god, Creatures of the Wind was sooooo good. I like how they manage to move themselves from the whole 'fashion industry'. This probably doesn't make sense. This collection was more grown-up than their previous collections but there's still that comforting feel to the clothes that makes you warm and fuzzy inside.
The grown-up part was found in the turtlenecks, pencil skirts and light colored shirts. The soft materials, the awesome sleeve buttoning on the shirts and the knitted patterns were a little more comforting and "clean". The leather skirts, boots and fake fur jackets kind of reminded me of Cruella Devil and gave the entire collection that vintage vibe.

You can definetely feel the vintagy stuff in the last pic. Bright red matched perfectly with the orang-y yellow-ish, black and white colors. Mmmmm, I loved this collection.

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