She's a rookie

I bought them I finally bought them!

I caved in and bought a pair of classic rookie roller skates! Yes, they're beautiful. Yes, they're kind of the best thing ever. They even look cool when you're not really good at roller skating (NOT THAT I'M LIKE, BAD AT ROLLERSKATING. AND I DIDN'T FALL ON MY BUTT, ehm).


Aaah. You can't really see it on the pictures but the wheels are a little see trough and they have glitters in them. Uh uh, I know, I know. My friend (click that link!) actually bought a rookie pair too at the same time. She bought the retro V2 in blue and yellow and I bought the classics because they have a really vintage feel to them and they're well, classic. I also enjoy riding these outside and then say, very lightly, when someone asks: 'Oh. There rookies.' Just kidding. I go like: 'YES OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THEY'RE MY BABIES.'
My friend and I already went skating together, it was magical.


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