Finally! It's finally Spring!
I've waited 3 months  ages for it to come to Belgium and now it's finally here. Even though the weather is rainy here (Belgian weather for the win!) I couldn't be any happier.
So I went on a school trip about art and I had so much fun. A nice surprise when I came home: MY RODARTE X AND OTHER STORIES PACKAGE ARRIVED!!!!(Caps were totally necessary)  By the way, did I tell you I ordered something from the RODARTE X AND OTHER STORIES COLLECTION. No? Well I must've forgotten. I actually really forgot I ordered it and then I came home and realized it came so I freaked out and I've been wearing these black velvet shorts ever since. Some other rather pleasant surprises in my daily life: a stuffed king from Ikea I got from Anna, a twilight bathbomb from LUSH (new favourite), tea, two t-shirts I made and my pretty flowery bedsheets.
I'm still busy on my Spring vibes but I hate posts without visuals so here are some of my latest instagram pictures and other bits and bobs.

Cloclwise: My rookie yearbook, stuffed king and toast, a t-shirt I made and my cat, the two t-shirts I made and the cover of Wonderland magazine with a plastic diamond on top.

The cat drawing on the t-shirt was made by my sister Laura and I absolutely love it! Wonderland magazine is also really cool and look at how cute my cat is! You can see my new shorts in the second picture, look at that Rodarte perfection right there. 

Okay this post was weird and it's always awkward to end a blogpost so:
bye everyone!

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