Happy Spring

Hi what's up?
Today while riding my bike I was thinking about a blogpost (I should actually pay attention to the traffic I'M SORRY) where I can give you some cool things to do during Spring! Like capture the Spring and enjoy it in every single way? That sounds absolutely wonderful to me (did you also read that in a British accent or was it just me?) I feel like this blog is just me writing down coversations with myself (???). Let's get started (before we start talking about the history of CD's or something)

1. The little things
Spring is the best time of the year to start looking around! I love noticing the first hints of spring. When I see pretty little flowers on a tree, vibrant green grass, a lovely blue sky with fluffy white clouds or just the birds singing I enjoy it. I like capturing those little things by taking pictures with my analog camera. That way I have a full filmroll of Spring when I get it developed.


2. Fresh! Green! Plants!
Get loads of plants and just put them everywhere! This is a really good way to enjoy Spring at its fullest! When I don't have to go to school I like to turn off my phone, it really helps you noticing everything around you. Spring is also the perfect time to get your bike and ride around your city. You might have to push yourself to get out of your couch but once your riding your bike it's one of my favourite things to do.

3. Baking
Spring bakes are the best bakes in my opinion, so get a new recipe and get to that kitchen! I love making madeleines when I'm feeling parisienne. Merengues are super easy but very yummy and easter cookies are also simple. This recipe by Jamie Oliver is also really yummy.

4. A list of all the little things
Because it's all about those little things right?

- The trees, grass and flowers (tip: look around! Look at the trees!)
- Going outside without a coat
- Walking barefoot in fresh grass
- Wearing your sunglasses again
- Playing with a ball in the garden or park
- Hanging out with your friends
- Lambs
- The fresh smell of Spring in the morning
- The not-so-cold wind
- Feeling the sun on your face
- Waking up and hearing the birds
- Days getting longer
- Birds' nests

So if you want to notice the Spring signs you have to be patient, pay attention and most important of all, enjoy every single thing around you! Now, get off that computer and go outside!


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