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Wow! It seems like the Spring gods finally understood my hints because it was freaking sunny and warm yesterday! Let's just ignore the fact that the weather forecast next week predicts rain. Just. Ignore. It. Okay?

I already had a very productive day. I powerpuffed myself (yes, read that twice, I really did it) and I loaded my Diana Mini analog camera again which marks the start of spring because I also did it last year and the year before. Oh, and I had pancakes for breakfast this morning. Life can't get any better than this.

I'm out of all my Spring Vibes pictures. It makes me happy because now I can look back to them and just feel the sunny spring feelings everywhere, but it also makes me kind of sad because I want more pictures to be inspired by! Anyways, since Spring equals a fresh start that means a Spring wardrobe! I don't have a lot of spring pieces in my wardrobe because I threw a lot of old clothes away last week. Here are some pieces I've been dying to get the past few weeks. (You might call this a wishlist but I disgust that word (don't ask) so just ignore this okay?)

Cos straight jeans, And other stories jacket, Cos leather slip-ons, And Other Stories pointed toe heels and uniqlo x Lemaire bodysuit.

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