You probably thought the spring posts were over but surprise they're not!

Spring vibes part three. I'm really motivated to put every single inspiring thing on this blog! (in matching colours ofcourse). Here we go.

 Clockwise: unknown, Jean Shrimpton via tumblr, Shirley Kurata and Tavi Gevinson by Petra Collins for Oyster magazine

I'm sorry for the unknown, please let me know the source if you know it because I really want to give people correct credit! Shirley Kurata is also my living inspiration, her style is out of this world guys, really. She describes herself as secretary-mod but it's so much more than that! I would describe her as Every Beautiful Color On This Planet Bundled into an Unbelievably Cute and Sweet Person. She is probably the most aestethically pleasing person ever.

 Clockwise: Molly Goddard dress via Instagram, Shirley collection by Peter Jensen, You've Got Mail via tumblr and again Peter Jensen

These really give me summer vibes but they just match too good to wait till then! My Shirley obsession is also TOTALLY NOT GETTING OUT OF HAND. 

 Again (you guessed it) clockwise: It's me and you x Mademe via It', photo by Arvida Bystrom, Mia Farrow via Tumblr and again Arvida Bystrom

Purple-ish pink filters, soft colours, cool girls, Spring!

 The Grand Budapest Hotel via Tumblr, Shirley and Tavi bitchfacing (aka the best pic in history) You've got mail and Shirley Kurata in her home both via Tumblr.

SO: lots of Shirley Kurata, Mia farrow, You've got mail and Arvida Bystrom. I'm really happy how the first collage turned out but there are still some doubts about the rest.


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