I'm an outlaw, you know

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of posts but I'm a very motivated blogger right now! I'm currently working on some different posts right now and everything makes me really excited!

"Why, oh why?" You ask.

"My little potatoe" I say "It's finally warm and sunny outside!'

So far this dialogue between me and. Well. ME.
Today I've got an update post for you guys. I always write update posts but I just love documenting my life here and make it as visually appealling as possible. What you see on this blog is like 1% of my life and the remaining 99% is spent eating chocolate on my couch while bingewatching House M.D. Have you seen House M.D??? This series is da bomb dot com. Big luv 4 doctor House.

Today was a really hot (just like me *wink*) day. I mean, 32°C is hot for Belgium. I spent the day eating popsicles in the garden while reading a book. While eating the popsicle I felt like Lux in the Virgin Suicides (totally not obsessed, totally not looking at screenshots I made of the movie because I had to bring it back to the library. TOTALLY NOT! God stop asking me all these uncomfortable questions)

I just wanted to post once more before leaving for Berlin tomorrow. Where I will spend my time like this:
And that's not very productive is it! (these pictures describe me so well it's literally scary you can ask my friends it's true. I spend my days eating or being ridiculous)

So I made you another playlist! Very good for car rides and dance parties in your bedroom.

I hope you like it! See you after Berlin with SO MANY PICTURES!

I'm outie!

Ugh I love her so much


  1. I looove your playlist ! + great post 😻🐒 LΓ©lie πŸπŸ’›

    1. Thank you so much Lelie! I'm glad you like it xxx