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Summer is ending. Sadly school is starting next week but I'm determined to write about the things I did this summer because I want to remember them!

1. I got into the virgin suicides
And I'm so glad I did! The book and film are so amazing. Summer is the time for teenagers and I've never read a book that describes being a teenager so well. The diaries and the sisters. I just feel like they're my sisters. I love being a teenager because you can soak up everything and even being sad feels right. I like not knowing. 


2. I went to Berlin

See this post!

3. I really got into reading again!

I read so many books and I watched so many movies IT'S FUNNY HOW I MANAGE TO BE LAZY. Enjoy this quick list of books and films. Click to enlarge! I hope the quality doesn't suck as much as I think.

4. I discovered character dressing!

I don't really know if this is a 'thing' but I just think dressing like a (made-up) character is really cool. I've always loved to pretend being in a film or book so this is so much fun! And it helps being more creative with my outfits.

 Dolfin shirt: TIT + The German kid, skirt: Urban Outfitters. thrifted pink scarf, flower dress: Cos
Thrifted cat eye sunglasses, American Apparel orange dress and vintage collared shirt. Red sweater from a closet sale, turtleneck from Zara and same Urban Outfitters skirt.

5. I went to Amsterdam with Nena!

I had such a great time!

Nena and I on the windowsill of the apartment we stayed on the Herengracht. It was so cool to look at the people walking by!
Cute fish at the zoo
Nena being cute in the butterfly garden aka what dreams are made of.

6. Random cool moments

Eating watermelon like a boss in our plastic pool. Plus my Cos bathing suit and diy headband.
My sister made me a portrait! I don't know if she will appreciate me sharing this (oops) but I love it so much even though I look like an 8 year old boy with a drug habit. Ps. my nails are inspired by the movie Populaire which is very delightful!

I had a great summer and I hope you did too! I'll see you soon, probably when schools starts again (kind of freaking out summer is going so fast)


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