Oooh Berlin

I'm back from Berlin!
I had such a great time. The first half of summer is now officially over (*sobs uncontrollably*) and I'm ready to make the most out of the second half. "Making the most of"as in sitting on my couch watching house M.D (yes there is going to be a house reference in EVERY SINGLE POST) and get food (I use my muscles and trained body for this task). HOWEVER I did do some cool productive things this summer and I'm going to write a post about it.

Let's start with some Berlin pics. They're all from my Instagram because I'm too lazy.

 We went in so many photobooths. Me on our balcony wearing an American Apparel romper.

 At sunset our apartment was very pink at sunset which was matching with my personal aesthetics (PRENTENTIOUSSSS)

The museum of natural history where a giant dinosaur skeleton scared the hell out of me. It was one of the prettiest museums ever though. And my dork face! At the wall memorial! 

And this last one that doesn't really fit in with the others but I like this picture because it looks so cozy.

And another playlist because I don't have anything else to do. 

Enjoy your summer! *starts sobbing again*

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