Would you ever be my butterfly

Hi again!
I've been getting a lot more views on my blog lately and I just wanted to say thank you guys! I really appreciate you reading this right now. I sometimes forget to say that in between my House rants. (ps, thank you for reading that crap too because it's probably getting annoying). ANYWAY I DON'T WANT TO ADMIT I HAVE FEELINGS OR SOMETHING. Let's just go on before this gets so awkward I stop blogging.

I'm going back to school this thursday! I'm still not ready but I'm pretty excited for fall because TEEN WITCH VIBES HECK YESSSS. But this is now my last post with summer happiness so enjoy!!!

Clockwise: me and my wall, covered in posters and random stuff like AMELIE AND TWIGGY. Me in my bed aka natural habitat. My sweet cat Juliette and me in the bedroom fort I made out of pink sheets and pillows. 

So much me! So pretentious! That is basically what I have been doing the last week of summer. I also reread The Penderwicks (ritual) and had juice form a juice box! I'm sorry for this short post but I had a great summer and I hope you did too. Here are some moments of strange magic this summer:

- going to the beach at night and creepily watching the sea
- a night spent talking about teenagerdom 
- being in my fort and singing along to my favourite songs
- going into the photobooth with my siblings

Goodbye, summer. You were great!


  1. Sooo cute๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ’• (also waiting for fall witchy vibes๐Ÿ‚)

    1. Thanks cutie! Aaah witch vibes are the best though ;-)