Hi dawg what's the dealio

Ah, it's 23 degrees, it's a beautiful late summer's day. Cato is wearing a sweater and a long dress. Cato loves witches and fall and fall witch vibes. That's why she's neglecting summer and pretending it's fall. Cato is out of sync with the seasons. 

I hope you liked this short poem I put lots of effort and considerate thinking in. Anyway I'm still putting my Fall Vibes together.


The good witches by Eleanor and Beth. 

 The Baudelaires give me fall vibes all the way.

 Rachel Antonoff's collection inspired by Peter Pan.

 Both unknown via Tumblr.

 Twin Peaks (I'm going to start watching it when I finish House)

 Veruca Salt from Charlie and the chocolate factory who is an annoying little shit but wears nice clothes.

 Marrianne Faithfull

 A series of unfortunate events on netflix.

 The Craft and Hermione granger.

 More Rachel Antonoff and Elle Fanning for Rodarte.

 Unknown and Stevie Nicks via Tumblr.

 'A lovely haunted house' by Maria Ines Gul for Smantha Pleet.

 The Craft via Tumblr.

See you soon!

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  1. Same about those fall vibes!! Can't wait till fall is here๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ