I was thinking something like

Expect a lot of caps coming up, but the only way to show my enthusiasm to the world is with Big and Bold letters (I feel like a teenage lipstick commercial). Or I could just show you this face of pure excitement instead.

I'm espically (creepily) obsessed with Proenza Schoulder, Thom Browne and (you guessed it) Rodarte.

Proenza Schouler
You know, I LIKED the fall 2016 collection but this was so strong! Probably one of my favorite collections of them so far. The Mondrian vibes, the colors, THE SILOUETS. I especially LOVE those fluffy jackets, the long skirts and that heart sweater. This collection was so good I don't know what to say: everything was perfect!

Honestly I don't know what to say so I'm posting again when I can write about this properly without an OMG in every sentence. Again such a magical collection with lots of cute bee models with cute bee outfits. It kind of reminded me of a teenage girl trying out all sorts of different styles and personalites. Love it just as much as the last one!

Thom Browne
I had never heard of Thom Browne before but oh how I love this! This is what my pastel-coloured dreams are made of. Like, models being cute at a fun pool party??? I love how simple this collection feels to me: just making you happy. The sixties and seventies are always something that makes me happy so this collection felt kind of personal in a way. It just reminded me that fashion should be fun and playful! It made me think of summer and kitschy pastel hotels at the French coast. I love it!

See ya!

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  1. Waaaw that last Tom Browne collection is so cool!! OMG it's amazing it reminds me of the 60ies and pink lemonade and oldtimers💓🌬