Teen Witch

Remember those forest pics I told you about? Well, I finished them and they turned out very witchy and autumn-like. They fit perfectly into my fall-teenwitch-eerie vibes. Having all of your fall stuff, inspiration, music and pictures in one place is such a satisfying feeling. School makes me want to escape into my own universe and having everything aligned makes it so much fun!

September was my teen witch month. My journal written in a messy handwriting in black pen, black and white, music like Cat Power and First Aid Kit, my room covered in plastic gems and lace clothes all make my world dream-like. I don't feel like I'm doing this to escape my real life of school and homework, but make myself a character in my own life. A movie about a girl who is a teen witch. That doesn't necessarily mean you could lose yourself, because it makes me feel more like "me". Something as simple as having the things that inspire you everywhere is a really satisfying feeling.

Some more cozy stuff has been really inspiring lately, and I think I'm going to make this blog a lovely world of my own, a charming universe to go to. Cozy British vibes are coming your way!!


I hope you like them! I'm really proud of them (smiley face)
Thanks to my mom for taking the pictures (such a professional blogger wow).


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