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Hello again.

So this Monday I celebrated Halloween with a friend. We had too much candy and went trick or treating even though few people in Belgium actually do it and almost nobody had candy so we went back home and had our own candy.

On the left, me as Mia Farrow in Rosemary's baby (I added the bunny so it would be creepier when we went trick or treating because not everyone knows the movie, and creepy sleepy girl is a Halloween classic. So I couldn't go wrong there.) Nena on the left dressed like a creepy cheerleader girl. 

The next day I watched Beetlejuice (still in the Halloween mood) and I just forgot how awesome 80's Tim Burton vibes are.

 And although I love Tim Burton's movies a lot, it needs to be said the number of non-white people is very little. Samuel L Jackson is the first black person to play a lead role in one of Burton's movies (and the fact that he's 'the bad guy' in the movie adds to the entire thing). Of course awesome internet people notice these things and put articles online so I can educate myself about this stuff. Tim Burton got quite a lot of comments on it and his response was vague and (excuse me) lousy.

"Things either call for things, or they don't" he said. Since it's so vague I think he means something like: "All the actors in my movies just happen to be white. I don't see races, I see people bla bla bla coincidence bla bla bla no color bla default person." He's saying he doesn't want to hire a minority to simply hire a minority. I personally think that isn't an excuse for casting only white people because I believe there are plenty of other actors from other ethnicities who could play these roles. Another point of view, however, is that maybe the people in his movies are mainly white and pale because pale people add to the creepy vibe his movies have. But why could only white, pale people be seen as 'creepy or scary'? It isn't an easy topic to write about, but I think it's really important to adress this on my blog because it's a topic I'm really interested in and I want to educate myself because nobody talks about it at school and this is the place I can start discussions and learn. If there's anything you need to tell me or an ignorant thing I wrote/said, please tell me. This tweet just explains it all. (I wish I was this witty #goals)

 Moorer less @knownforms
If you say 'Tim Burton' three times, a goth white dude appears and mansplains to you how casting only white people isn't racist.

Another thing I read somewhere is also pretty accurate, but I don't know where I read this anymore:

"Tim Burton thinks weird only comes in white people".

And to finish off this little piece of writing:

"Are we seriously discussing diversity with someone who casts the same two people every single time?"

 I still love the entire vibe of this movie, and I think Winona is just perfect. An awesome heroine, if you ask me. "I usually prefer girl heroines" (I made a reference did you guys get it did you get it?) People on instagram are doing this 'describe yourself in 3 fictional characters thing and I think I'd be Lydia Deetz, Lisa Simpson (I'm a huge know it all) and Batty Penderwick. Oh how I flatter myself.

And I got this secondhand sweater! I bought it from my friend's sister and it's really cool. It gives me so much Gucci vibes and I'm really excited to try out some outfits with it!


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