Weekday Antwerp

I completely freaked out when the lovely people of WeLovePure invited us to the pre-opening of the new Weekday store in Antwerp. It was the first time I've ever been invited to a store opening or something similar, so the dork writing this right now couldn't stop fangirling. I mean, how could I not freak out when I saw Tiany Kirillof and two girls that were wearing the greatest outfits I've ever seen. We had a great night though and we bought some really cool stuff.

The clothes were arranged by mood or style. You could just walk around and when you saw, for example, a pretty skirt, you'd see a top that would go great with it right next to it. 


Look! There was a photo booth/instant photo thingy. Could it BE any cooler? (Oh Chandler, how I love you). You can see me, Nena and my sister Laura. Nena and I drank rose lemonade (don't get me started on the food and drinks. Or you'll be still sitting here in an hour reading how much I like lemonade). I'm wearing a shiny grey weekday top (how appropriate! Wow!), an Urban Outfitters top with open back, black culottes, shiny grey Weekday socks and black loafers. I think Nena will write a post about the opening as well so if you want to know what her opinion is check out her blog.

Weekday's sock collection is always awesome. Can you imagine someone wearing them with sneakers, tights and a mini skirt. Or with jeans like it's no big deal.

I loved these hats a lot, and I think they'd look pretty rad with black trousers, converse and a white shirt or something. Also, plants in stores are always nice and fresh.

The drinks were really trendy and yummy! And the music! There was this awesome girl who played a remix of 'Sorry' by Beyoncé when we walked in and it was really cool. There was a little concert later on with a cool singer as well. Can you see all these well dressed, cool people? When we walked out of the store we were full of outfit inspiration.

Food! The bright, shining light of my life! The love of my life! On our way to the store we joked about it. "Lol. What if we get there and there's like, champagne and caviar or something."

SPOILER: there was red caviar (or something similar). It was very delicious and tiny, fancy and colourful.

Laura and Nena bought the same 'BeyoncĂ© for president" t-shirt.  Nena bought a cute slip dress and Laura bought a bag! I bought a leather belt thing-ish. I've been loving leather harnesses since Zana Bayne's collection for And Other Stories. I think they're a bit too 'adult' for me and I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing something like that. But I like how it looks so I bought the one that just goes around your waist and shoulder. Kind of like a seat belt, and it doesn't have that 'inappropriate' feeling to it. I also bought some straight cropped trousers. 

Nena laughing and me being a very happy rabbit with my goodiebag. Yes, that bag is silver, and it contained a t-shirt saying: 'My idols are dead and my enemies in power' which completely describes this past year. Weekday was so appropriate. First the Beyonce shirt and now this one! I had so so so much fun and it was definitely one of my favourite nights ever! Thank you for having us and being nice even though we were acting like huge dorks. 

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