Silver pleats

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas, and for the people who don't celebrate Christmas I hope you had a great weekend. I celebrated Christmas Eve with my family and although I didn't take a lot of pictures the night itself, I asked my sister to snap my outfit.

Dork Warning, this post is filled with cringy pictures of me trying to be casual while thinking something like: 'Am I cool yet?'. My turtleneck is from COS. I've been wearing it non-stop for the last month (people around me can confirm). I often wear it under shirts or dresses, as a sweater or just as a top. A basic turtleneck is just perfect for layering and I think this is such a must-have. Maybe this is material for a new blogpost? Something like layering must-haves? Let me know!


I got the skirt at H&M on a last-minute shopping trip with my mom. Again, you can wear this in so many different ways and it looks quite special.


My shoes are Adidas Gazelle aka the best shoes ever made. For those who asked, my glasses are Gucci and they are in fact prescription glasses as my eyesight sucks.


That's it! I have one more post this year compiling all the Feelings 'n' Vibes of 2016 however if there's a certain post you would love to see on this blog just let me know! 


  1. Cato!! This post is amazing as always, and my gosh I am dying over that skirt hahaha!
    Phia xx

    1. Thank you Phia! Yes I know right! When I saw it I knew I just HAD to get it ;) happy new year lovely!