This winter break (please come back, I miss you) my sister introduced me to the best tv-series ever. It's Norwegian, it's called SKAM and it's the best thing ever. I swear.

Basically, SKAM is about the life of a group of teenagers at a Norwegian school called Nissen. Every season we follow a different person. I know, 'real' teenager shows can be very cheesy but SKAM is so good! They adress stuff like racism and homophobia and a lot of other stuff in such a good way. The characters are very developed and the actors are just really, really good. I love it so much I can't express it on this blog!

In the 3rd season, a film called Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann is mentioned. Obviously, I convinced myself I wouldn't sleep anymore if I didn't see that film. Coincidentally, they were playing it in a tiny movie theatre a week later! So I went to see it with my sister Laura and my friend Zoye, and we had so much fun. I think this is my new favourite movie, I know, big deal! I especially loved the part where Mercutio is all dressed up for the party.

Instead of talking you through the entire series (it gets me all emotional) I'm going to focus on something different today. The outfits. Since we're talking about teens here, their clothes aren't really special or anything. They dress kind of Scandinavian, with lots of layers and the boys wear lots of hoodies and hats.

I'm more into the boys' style, so I put this outfit together!

The boys' wardrobe consists of sneakers, bomberjackets, hoodies and hats. Lately it's been quite cold here so I'm thankfully adopting their style. My hat is from COS, and my sneakers are Adidas Gazelle.


The bomberjacket is by Weekday, when I saw Isak and Magnus wearing similar jackets here, I knew I had to get a jacket like that. I wanted one a little more oversized and in a cool colour, so I bought this one. It looks so cool and it's pretty comfy and warm. The velvet trousers are also Weekday. They're the only 'boyish' trousers I own, and I think they look pretty good with this outfit! The hoodie is from H&M.

Check out some SKAM outfits here and here. Thanks for reading!

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