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I've been studying for my exams a lot which makes it so hard to blog! My fellow teenagers will understand that during these two weeks of cramming useless notes in your head, you feel the most productive and inspired! Summer is coming up, and I've never needed anything more than sun, sleep and ice cream. I made a list of all the things I want to do in my journal, and I'm determined to watch as many films as possible in these two months. Last week, I watched The Virgin Suicides (which doesn't actually count because I've seen it before), Somewhere (so good! I will write a review soon), The Breakfast Club (basically awesome) and Marie Antoinette (haha no quirky comment here because I don't know what to write).

The word that describes my mood for the past month perfectly is electric. I don't know if it's my buzz cut, or the fact that it's summer, but I've been feeling all kinds of rebel and teenage feelings. You know. The word 'electric' just makes me want to drive past neon signs in the desert while singing along to Cherry Bomb by The Runaways. That's not possible because of some obvious practical reasons (finding a desert in Belgium is one of them) so I'm choosing the easy way out by posting pictures of it on the internet! One of my fave bloggers (such a good blog name!) and instagram friend wrote a post about this including a lot of pictures she edited on photoshop which is so cool! It's such a coincidence how we're both feeling the same vibes at the same time. I think there might be some crazy telepathy shit going on. 

Anyway, I've been trying to incorporate more of my own pictures in my vibes posts, because I feel like having a blog full of pictures I didn't even take is a little bit useless. 



Some neon gemstones on notebook paper (I actually hung it on my wall after taking the pic). Ellery FW17 on a neon background. Me in my room when I had just gotten my hair buzzed.

Some very crappy scans of two playlists I made. The Reckless Summer one is for the mood I described earlier. Being a teenage rebel, driving past neon signs, being outside in the dark.

The Sparklin' Tunes one is more complex. For very long and hazy summer days, light reflecting on the water, harsh sunlight, Virgin Suicides-esque cool neutral colours and shiny gems/stickers.

FW17 at Central Saint Martins.

See you in summer!

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