Autumn trends

I know, I know, Summer's not over yet. But somehow I can't stop thinking about Autumn. Perhaps it's the horrible weather here in Belgium. It's been raining all week and it's pretty cold here. This weather is making me think about Autumn trends a lot, and I see some pieces coming back in magazines and Autumn editorials. I'm not saying I'm a trend forecaster, not at all, but I think these things are coming back this Autumn.

Remember Friends? Rachel's awesome work ensembles when she works at Ralph Lauren? That's a trend that's definitely coming back. 90s office wear is so cool, stone grey, plaid ensembles (paired with knee high boots), low buns and middle parted hair are cool. The 90s 'working girl' aesthetic is nice, but I hope that if it does make a comeback, maybe in a more modern way? With a more feminist look on the entire aesthetic. Get your powersuits ready.


I recently watched The Devil Wears Prada and I am 100%  sure that these are coming back. I'm not completely sure about this trend. I like it but I think it's one of those things that only works in film. I think it just looks a bit weird in real life. However, this could work, just take a look at Prada's AW17 collection and fall in love.


Tough-looking, bold jewellery has been very trendy in the more mainstream culture since the rising popularity of street style. Maybe the chain necklaces and leather chokers will make place for some simple, more delicate necklaces in gold colours. I think what the media sees as 'elegant' is making a comeback in fashion. Although I love street style very much, I think it's never bad to have some timeless classics on hand. 


Big, 80s/90s style coats have been trending for a while now. I'm hoping for a breakthrough this Autumn. Shoulder pads are optional.


Raf Simons totally made feathers look amazing again with his Calvin Klein collection this Spring. So inevitably, feathers are going to make a comeback in Autumn. At least I hope so. I think they'll be more subtle and in light colours like white and grey. I'm not sure yet when or how these are coming back, but I hope they'll find their way in fashion again.


Knitwear is always cool, but I think slightly destroyed, loose-knitted maxi skirts and dresses, especially with some subtle fringed hems are even cooler. Again, I'm not saying this will make a huge comeback or something. Fringe in general though, awesome. Whether it's on bags like Proenza Schouler or on dresses like Acne Studios. I just hope these trends will make a comeback soon. I'm not a trend-forecaster AT ALL. I'm scared I'm sounding like I know a lot about fashion which isn't true at all.


It's back you guys, the matrix fashion era is BACK.


Don't get me wrong, I think the sneaker trend is going remain the main shoe trend for sure, but there might be this leather boot/shoe comeback coming up. In general, I feel like a lot of people are going back to a more 'classic' look instead op the athletic clothing that was so big this past year. Leather boots and maybe some classic heels are definitely coming back in style. I'm so ready for this trend to come back because I've never worn any fancy heels or boots before and I imagine they make you feel really fabulous when you're walking down the street. I've seen knee-high leather boots paired with midi dresses a lot on the runway.


Continuing the jewellery trends here, hoop earrings are getting more and more popular. They've always been really popular here in Belgium (I don't know about other countries) but I think that some more special hoops are going to be big this Autumn. Also, long but delicate earrings in general paired with some simple makeup and a newsboy cap are getting so popular.


This is a tricky one to describe. Do you know those silver, really shiny dresses that look like they're made out of a bunch of tiny little diamonds or necklaces? That's the kind of material I'm trying to describe. Again, it looks like 90s runway trends are making a comeback this Autumn.

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