Summer outfits

The first month of Summer holiday is over (*cries softly*) but this Summer I've actually been semi-productive! I just came home from holidays in France. I swear, France is such a beautiful place and it was basically like 10 days of pure bliss. I also managed to take a lot of pictures and get some outfit pictures taken despite being really embarrassed by asking my family to take pictures of me.

These are three outfits I wore in France. They're outfits I often wear in real life and they're more like everyday outfits than outfits I would specifically wear to look special or cool. I think dressing for Summer is always way harder than dressing for Autumn/Winter. I love layering and I think it's easier to wear an interesting outfit when you have more pieces of clothing to wear. In Summer I try to minimize the amount of clothing I wear because of the crazy hot weather. I think I managed to make these Summer outfits somewhat interesting, and I would love to know what you think!



I only got this slip dress a few weeks ago (check out my recent outfit post where I styled it in a different way) but it's already one of my favourite pieces of clothing ever. You can wear it with just about everything. I'm planning to wear it with a turtleneck, a big coat and black oxfords in Winter. For Summer I'm keeping it very simple. I'm wearing a black Weekday slip dress, red Weekday socks, white Adidases and a (surprise surprise) black Weekday bag. 



I bought this dress on a recent shopping trip to & Other Stories. It's something I normally wouldn't pick, which is why I wasn't drawn to it until my sister said I should try it on. At first I found it a little bit too chic, dreamy and feminine which is the opposite of what I like to wear. However, when I tried it on it was love at first sight and I just had to get it. I think it still looks street style worthy because of my buzz cut. To avoid looking too dressed-up (I don't really like looking too fancy) I paired it with white socks and sneakers. It's made out of such a comfortable fabric and I love the detailing in the back. I'm in love with this dress and I like that I stepped out of my comfort zone. After all fashion should be fun and it might get boring if your style never changes.



This outfit is more appropriate for the weather we're having in Belgium. It's been really gray and rainy lately and it's not very hot either. This is one of those outfits I wear all the time in real life because it's comfortable, basic and androgynous. I'm wearing a plain white tee from & Other Stories, the same bag I mentioned in the first outfit, Adidas Gazelle sneakers and white socks. My jeans are by Airdate and they're everything I look for in a pair of jeans. They're comfy but still sturdy, sraight-fit and have the perfect colour. 



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