I should really give these posts a decent name sometime

Another update-post thingy I guess? I wouldn't have to write these if I had the discipline to blog regularly. It's that weird time of the year where you're preparing for Spring and saying goodbye to Winter feels slightly bittersweet. The prospect of rain for the next three months does sound very thrilling, I have to admit. I always used to get really excited for Spring (read: half of the posts on this blog are Spring Vibes posts) but now it feels different. I guess the excitement is due to the fact that I've spent all of my previous Winters inside hibernating on my couch. This Winter I actually got things done, I met up with friends a lot and went to some cool events, so I guess that's why I feel 'off'. Spring is just not my favourite season, I'll switch it for Autumn any time.

Anyway, UPDATES! I turned 16 which is crazy, and I even forgot to mention it here! I've been loving it so far. I'm actually really excited because 16 is like the peak of your teenage years. I spend most of my time philosophing about adolescence and what my teenage years should be like, so I guess I'll find out a lot during the year to come. Anyway, I didn't really do anything crazy on my birthday. I got some great gifts, though. 

& Other Stories, aka what heaven looks like to me. I feel like my friends and family know me very well, because I got some cool stuff from there as well as some giant gold balloons that spelled; 16 CATO. That's my age and my name, for those who were wondering (horrible dad joke, I apologize). I feel way too immature to be 16 already. 

I also went to a pop-up cinema recently where you could eat spaghetti while watching Moonrise Kingdom. I KNOW RIGHT. Best. Combo. Ever. I didn't take any pictures though because I refuse to be one of those annoying people who's on their phone during film. I guess that's contradictory of me because I shouldn't be on my phone while watching TV either.

I got my ears pierced again, which means I now have a grand total of six holes in my ears. I got one helix and it hurted like hell the first few days but it's way better now. Again, no pictures, but trust me, you really don't want to see my ears on this blog.

That's it, this was the worst post ever, see ya.


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