Three outfits I wish I was wearing right now

I thought I should write a quick post before I leave for a school trip to London tomorrow, because I haven't even packed yet and what's better than some good old last-minute packing hysteria, am I right? I'm going to London for about five days (LONDON BABY) and I have a two-week break from school afterwards, so this is just going to be three weeks of pure bliss.

One thing's bothering me though. The weather. Both Belgians and Brits have this weird weather obsession. There's this rivalry between the two countries because we both claim that it rains the most in our country. Obviously, Belgium is the rainiest country ever, duh. Anyways, that's not the point. The point is, Spring in both Belgium and England resembles a swamp more than anything else. Rain, cold, grey weather... it's not exactly the perfect weather for prancing around in frilly Spring outfits, keeping in mind that I get soaked while riding my bike twice a day. It isn't the lack of warm weather or sunlight that I find so disturbing, though, it's the devestating fact that I'm not able to wear the outfits I want to wear.

So as I continue wearing boring Winter outfits all throughout March and April (or, in this current case, pajamas, because I haven't dressed myself yet), all I can do is have mere dreams of what I should wear. Fantasies as intouchable as wearing less than three layers on an average day in March. Here are three outfits I wish I was wearing right now, including polkadots and dungarees.

Enjoy this post while I start packing, wish me luck.

See ya,


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