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Hi there! Miss "I'm like, SO, going to write blogposts during Easter Holidays this year" is back! I bet you didn't see that one coming. It usually takes about two months for me to write a post after promising you to post more often. I would've had written on here sooner, if it weren't for my crazy busy schedule. I mean, it's already hard enough to fit sleeping, watching TV, going back to school and pocastinating in my weekly planning. Blogging is just too productive for my liking. I really do prefer wasting my time on instagram while stressing out about homework.

So once again I'm writing one mess of a post that compiles everything I've been into lately, so let's go.

So I kind of redecorated my room, and it includes this pink lamp I got for my birthday and some magazine spreads. Also I got so much makeup for my birthday which is cool and I'm really excited to start experimenting with different makeup looks! I never thought I'd be a makeup kind of girl. I mean, none of us had any expectations of me wearing makeup when I dressed like a SKAM boy for 6 months straight. I do feel like fashion is taking a more chic turn again, which comes as a breath of fresh air after 2 years of tracksuits and sneakers. To quote Rihanna: "I'm creating a vibe and my summer vibe is more is more". So glamour is back in fashion, but more on that in an upcoming post.

The vibe I'm trying to express in this post is "dork who's really into neon lighting". I'm actually pretty happy with these pictures as well, which has more to do with the lighting than my photography skills. I stick to disposable cameras and my phone most of the time, but I've been using my camera in combination with photoshop lately for my blogposts.


Laura and I went to the Komono Marine Launch event and had a great time. I kind of expected a lowkey event but then we arrived and there were blue neon lights everywhere and then Belgium's fashion guru came in and I kind of freaked out. It's still weird whenever I go to event to be the youngest one there, and I always feel like an overexcited sixteen year old in a sea of cool young adults. Anyway, it was amazing and I had the best time ever. I got given this pair of sunglasses in a geometrical shape and blue lenses and they're my favorite thing ever. I mean, they look so over the top in combination with my mullet that I kind of have to wear them all the time now. I'm not complaining, these sunnies are bomb. 

I picked up my journalling habit again, so here are some recent spreads that align with the neon thing going on in this post. I'm actually really glad to mention some diary spreads in here because it feels more like myself. I've been way less personal on this blog lately and I don't know why but it sucks because I don't really feel the connection I used to. I guess it's coming back now and I'm happy with that because it's so important to me that I stay personal on this blog and don't turn into someone who just posts pictures of their outfits and mentions where they got it. I mean, I don't mind bloggers who do that, but it's just not the point of this blog. I like the long posts, I like reading my friend's blogs and know what's going on in their lives, I like the slightly flawed photographs of dorky poses. 

What I'm trying to say is that I'm still a teenager and I want to project that onto my work and my blog, to give you a representation of what's going on in my mind while still staying true to the visuals I'm trying to create. This sounds horrible and I know I could express myself better than this, but I want to keep the nonchalance of this blog. Posting entire psychological essays on life in a serious tone wouldn't fit on this blog.

Oh god, Olivia Wilde and Yara Shahidi and tons of other icons in one single video with one of my favourite tracks ever, ugh, I love it so much. Also, the new Childish Gambino: 'This Is America'. Damn, such a good song and the clip is so strong. Some other neon-vibed songs while we're at it:

  1. Ce Matin La - Air
  2. Love My way - The Psychedelic Furs
  3. Hide - FKA twigs
  4. Bartier Cardi - Cardi B
  5. Fetish - Selena Gomez
ALSO I WENT TO CALL ME BY YOUR NAME AND I'M STILL NOT OKAY. (award for the smoothest subject change goes to...). Words don't do this film justice, only feelings do. That's also why I haven't written a review on it on my film blog on Tumblr (which 'blew up' a while ago and now I'm almost at 500 followers even though I barely follow and reblog people??? like, I never thought anyone actually read the film reviews, but I guess it's doing well). 

Speaking of films and other cultural hobbies, I reread the Secret History last week and it just hit me how freaking good this novel is. Seriously, what?? It's one of my faves now for sure. Anyone who would like to fangirl over this book with me, hit me up so we can freak out on email/dm.

See ya

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