First I had hair, now I have a haircut

Hello beloved readers, how have you been? Summer started about a week ago, and I've spent my free time blissfully by going to the beach, going shopping, meeting up with friends, writing and mostly lying around in my pajama's watching tv.
I got my hair cut a few days ago, which is a huge deal because I hadn't gone to the hairdressers in over a year, because of my buzz cut. It was a lovely experience though, and I have the best hairdresser ever who keeps up the same level of sarcasm I have, while also supporting my (often questionable) hair requests. Twiggy bob? Sure. Mia Farrow pixie? Of course. Buzzed off? Sure, no problem. After an adventourous 10 months of growing out my buzz cut, featuring a 6 month period of a full-on mullet (to my mother's disdain) and a semi-cowlick, my hair now finally resembles an actual haircut. Anyway, you probably couldn't care less, but I am thrilled to be on the good hair path again, even though I recieved major support on instagram for the mullet. If mullets are the new biggest hair trend this Autumn, you know where you saw it first, okay?

Anyway, onto the outfit part of this post. It's actually quite embarrassing that I even dare to call this a style blog, because I only feature approximately 3 outfits a year on my blog. 

I bought this floral set a few days ago in the sales at & Other Stories, and although I don't usually gravitate towards maximalist prints and colourful blouses, these co-ords immediately caught my eye. I've been trying to incorporate more colours and prints and special pieces into my wardrobe, as I already own an extensive amount of basics. 


Looking at these pictures now, I am very glad I got this haircut. Quite a few people said I look like a French girl now, which is a much appreciated compliment. At least it's better than being compared to Billy Ray Cyrus, John Travolta or a country singer. 

I'm sorry for the weird filter on these pictures, but I had some trouble figuring out the colour settings and the only way they looked okay was with this filter.


See ya

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