Summer so far

I haven't really told you what I did in July, and we're almost halfway through Summer!

The first month of Summer was one that consisted of mixed feelings. As always, Summer started of with some parties, picknicks, meetups and dinners because thankgoodnessschoolisfinallyoveromg. After the chaos was over and boredom started to creep up on me, I left for vacation in France with my family. It was amazing. I wish I was there right now, because we only stayed for a week and I already miss it so freaking much. When I got back from France about two weeks ago, I contacted all of my friends because I was already suffering from post-vacation sadness. Let me tell you something: every single one of my friends was out of the country. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I'm not even kidding.

I must admit that the past two weeks were pretty lonely because of that. The Summer blues really hit me in the face. I guess Lana Del Rey was right about Summertime Sadness after all. On an even more negative note, there's a heatwave going on in Belgium, making it even harder to leave my seating position in front of the ventilator to go out and do something.

Anyway, all negativity aside now. I spent the past few weeks working really hard on my writing. I spent pretty much every day writing about all sorts of different subjects to improve my vocabulary and sentences. I also wrote a piece for my friend Hermione's upcoming issue for her magazine, Lippy Kids. I won't tell what its about, but it also features some good ol' diary spreads of mine. I also wrote something for another magazine of a friend and mostly just things for myself. It's weird because I never think about my writing when I write on this blog, which is probably the reason it's full of bad sentence structure and simple vocabulary. I see this blog more as a diary, and I don't want to worry about my writing on here because this blog is mainly just for myself.

Aside from writing, I started watching How To Get Away With Murder, a series I'm now horribly obsessed with. If you watched it, please email me via the Contact page on my blog so we can freak out and fangirl together, thank you very much.

My plans for August consist of catsitting, meeting up with friends, probably another short vacation in France and enjoying my last month of freedom. I'm not too sad for school to start again though, because Autumn is my favourite season in the world and I can't wait to drink cappucino's in coffeeshops and wear coats again.

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