Blue Lights

In my previous blogpost I wrote that I finally found back the urge to take up and document stuff again, so here I am writing a new vibe post.

Or, if you would like this post to be a little more epic (I've been watching too many crappy TV-shows lately, my apologies in advance): Previously on Cato's pretentious teenage life: she managed to find her inspiration back, BUT WILL SHE BE ABLE TO WRITE ANOTHER VIBE POST BEFORE 2018 ENDS? AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT MAGAZINE CUTOUT OF A POLAR BEAR SHE LOST FOUR DAYS AGO? 

For the past week I've been collecting little bits and bobs from everywhere, just like I used to in the good ol' days when I wrote huge vibe posts on a weekly basis. They've been slowly coming together, which is making me very delighted. The process of collecting, processing and posting vibes on my blog has come back really naturally. That made me conclude that you just can't force yourself to get back into old habits. It's better to just sit out an inspiration rut and hope for the best.

All of the pictures I've been saving on my phone and my laptop didn't really seem to have a certain aesthetic to them, but now I kind of see a pattern in the visuals that speak to me. It started out as a collection of candid pictures took with a bright flash in some fancy Parisian hotel, but then developed to 80s/90s supermodels smoking cigarettes. Then I watched a documentary about space and everything kind of came together at that point. I suppose it's wise to know what the idea behind this series of pictures is before looking at them. It's for the best, I swear.

Girlswithguns via Tumblr, Tavi Gevinson for the Great Discontent (I think? I'm too lazy to look it up)

Absolute goddesses aka Jorja Smith and Princess Nokia for Stussy.

I guess this bright-flash, cold colour-thing has been appealing to me lately because it's quite connected to my own life. It's easier to live in an aesthetic that aligns itself with my own environment than to pursue a vibe that is set in dreamy 70s suburban California, for example. Also, I've been listening to Jorja Smith on repeat lately, I especially recommend Blue Lights and On My Mind. Princess Nokia is a literal queen as well, I like her songs G.O.A.T and Tomboy a lot. My music taste has changed quite drastically last year. I guess SKAM is a contributing factor to that big change, because before I got into hiphop I listened to an array of 50s girl groups, David Bowie records and the Sing Street Soundtrack. I still love all of that though, but I've been more into hiphop and R&B in general lately. 

Satellite picture via the Nasa website, cowboy boots via AlwaysJudging's Tumblr.

I watched a documentary called 'The Farthest', and it was a space documentary about the Voyager project. I won't bore you with all the details, but it has lots of space/Nasa footage from the 70s and 80s, which was both visually AND intellectually pleasing to me. Honestly I don't watch documentaries often but I've been watching Blue Planet and documnetaries about space lately and wow! Our planet is a magical place! And not even our planet, the entire universe is interesting, and probably the other universes out there as well! Okay, I'm freaking myself out by getting too existential. Back to thinking that we are the center of all the existing universes, how comforting.

Lorde, flowers via Tumblr.

I recently got It by Alexa Chung as a gift and even though the book is more of a visual thing to have than a piece of great writing, the pictures are exactly what I have in mind. The flash, the slightly laidback vibe to it. It isn't very polished or clean, and I guess that's okay. I'm also a sucker for so-called coffee table books, so I guess It was totally worth it (I happen to find this sentence very funny).


I forgot the sources of both of these pics. I never rename the documents in my hard drive because I think i'll remember where I found the pictures but I never do, so please, if you know the sources of these, let me know.I think I got them off Tumblr because it's the dark hole where I spent endless hours scrolling through The Outsiders fanfics.


Prada lip prints and Petra Collins in a pretty room.

This is a film still from the movie Closer. I have never actually seen it but I figure I would love it because a) Natalie freaking Portman hell yes and b) I really want a pink wig like this.


Kate Moss smoking ("Don't do that, kids") and Drew Barrymore in her teenage bedroom looking adorable. I truly hope I can show my grandchildren pictures of me in my teenage bedroom one day and prove how much of a dork I used to be.

To fully experience these vibes, I recommend listening to the following songs:






I've been listening to these non-stop lately so give them a listen. 

I hope you liked this post, see you soon!

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