I hope not sporadically

Stockholm was nice! Bought two pairs of pants (oops, well they're comfortbale since I have to ride my bike everyday) and a shiny top. First thoughts on a trip...
It's a lovely city and everyone is super friendly and there were vintage shops EVERYWHERE.
Shopping heaven am I right? They were all way overpriced though. 
Anyways, when I came back I was feeling very DIY-ish (DIY always reminds me of a "cool" parent who crafts homemade candles with the kids)

Sooooo I made this patch inspired by the best woman ever aka Mindy Lahiri

I also made the cat, planet and blue heart patch (but they're gifts for friends). Random tinkerbell patch and the blue goat was a gift.

Todays outfit was inspired by these photo's. I dressed kind of witch meets cartoon character today, or something like that, this only makes sense in my mind.

F21 dress, random thights, AO brooch, the skirt used to my grasndmothers, random flowers in my hair

The striped dress and heart patch are supposed to bring in the cartoony part and the skirt, thights, flowers and pin are for the more teenage witch feel. Also, note how the black and white dress matches the comme des garcons ad! I am SO good at details *flicks hair*

Be seeyin' ya!

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