Exams suck but outfits don't


School is not cool, my friends. Even worse is having to study but instead wandering around the house. Life's too short to worry about school! So many clothes to wear! And those cakes aren't going to eat themselves!

I'm in the midst of studying and trying not to procrastinate. Exams are coming up, and this is probably my last post before they start. I wore this outfit yesterday? Last week? and I'm seriously considering wearing this to my exams. It's so comfortable but it has this 'I don't give a damn' look to it. Also, I kind of feel like a cool rebel gurrrl wearing this to school. Because I'm like, totally badass, you know. Fuck the system blah blah. You can just sleep in this shirt and when you wake up you put on some trousers and sneakers for instant coolness.

 I got the trousers at Weekday two weeks ago (still not over the fact we were there!) and they are honestly my favourite trousers ever. They couldn't go wrong with the velvet, but then the fit was perfect and my life is now complete. I've been looking for trousers with a fit like this one for ages, but finding trousers for me is very hard because:

a) My legs are basically pointy sticks (I swear my body shape is just a dot with arms and legs sticking out)

b) I'm picky about my clothes

These are basically my favourite Rodarte shorts in trousers form. All a fourteen year old girl could ever wish for. I love you, weekday trousers, you had me at 'cropped, straight fit'.

My shirt is (surprise surprise) from Weekday as well. And it's all a shirt has to be: oversized, printed and very thick. I found it in the goodiebag we got. I might have slept in this shirt and kept it on during the day. Maybe. The sneakers are my 'fave kicks' (I sound like a cool dad) at the moment and they're adidas gazelle.

It's so cold here! You can't see it on these pictures, but I was freezing my fingers off. I swear. It's been very cold lately. I love it a lot as I prefer Winter outfits to summer outfits.

The shirt says: 'MY IDOLS ARE DEAD AND MY ENEMIES ARE IN POWER'. It completely describes 2016 as David Bowie is dead and all the other stuff that happened. We miss you Bowie. I don't wear t-shirts unless they've got cool sayings on them.



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