I made some zines a while ago, but I was too lazy to blog about them earlier (UNPROFESSIONAL) so here I am today with some zines. Sorry for the horrible quality. I need to figure out how my scanner works asap.

 Fashion week favorites!
Because Proenza Schouler deserves to be in every fashion zine, like, ever.


 This one is about fall, unfortunately the outfits page is missing but hey, don't be sad, I've got a third zine!

This one is quite crappy since I just wrote it on a random notebook sheet but I like the crapiness of it, I guess. Autumn drinks are so important they need an entire zine dedicated to it.

Okay, I hope you liked this random/weird post and expect some cool stuff coming up soon!



  1. Bridget Jones + Hot chocolate + mini marshmallows = lifeeeeee
    ly Cato!
    Xxx Regina George

  2. Oooh, very helpful thank you cato ! (also I loved the fashion week one, the drawings look great) xxx