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I've said this before, but during exams I always feel 100 000 x  more inspired and productive to do stuff. I think pretty much every teenager can relate. So while I was studying I got the fantastic idea to take pictures of all my exam outfits and write a blogpost about them. Yeah, I haven't done an outfit post in weeks, so while I should be studying maths I am here writing this post featuring 5 (!!) outfits! That's what exams are all about, you guys.

I actually love taking pictures of my daily outfits, and this week was really cool for me. Taking pictures of your outfits forces you to be a little more creative, which is nice because I've been in a style rut, and it's also a challenge because finding cool places to shoot isn't easy. I'm definitely going to keep doing these kinds of posts! I just have to get over the awkwardness when I ask my friends if they want to take a pic of my outfit.

Here are the five outfits I wore to my exams this week.



My first exam was Latin, which takes pretty long. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible while doing the exam, so I'm wearing my black turtleneck from COS (I know I wear this too much), my Levi's 501's, black socks and black birkenstocks. I love my Levi's so so so much, they're my faves and they remind me of summer/adventure because they're ripped and they're pretty much in all the summer pics by Petra Collins. I used to hate birkenstocks, but I feel like they're making a comeback! I don't like the ones with the cork soles at all, but I got entirely black ones. They're really comfortable and these were pretty inexpensive. I just love the jeans and socks with sandals look.



The weather was a little chilly Tuesday, so I wore this dark blue bow top from COS and my culottes. I also wore my beige coat form COS. It's really lightweight so it's prefect for days when it's a little bit chilly outside. I didn't tie the bows because it looked weird when I wore my coat. I think the top looks good when the bows are tied but I also like how the ribbons swing when I walk.


This was my favorite outfit of them all! I did my geography exam in this, which was about 3 pages. After the exam Anna and I hung out at our favorite spot and she took some pictures of my outfit. I love this outfit so much and the pictures turned out to be amazing! I'm definitely going to take more outfit pictures here. I'm wearing my favorite graphic t-shirt from Weekday (if you follow my instagram you've probably seen it about 284739 times) (no shame). I finally found a denim skirt that looks good on me! I've wanted one for forever and this one is so nice. It's from Brandy Melville, and it's short enough, has an a-line cut and a distressed hemline. I'm wearing my sister's leather jacket. On my feet are my favorite shoes (white adidas superstars) that I actually stole from my mom (sorry). My socks are old school sports socks. I have like 7 pairs of them and I wear them all the time with my adidas sneakers because white sporty socks basically rule.



Thursday was chilly again. I had my chemistry exam which was so hard. I hope I got an extra point for dressing like a chemistry teacher, because this white boiler suit reminded me of a lab coat. I'm wearing my birkenstocks again and my silver tote bag I got at the weekday store opening. Also, how cool is this outfit picture? Not to brag or something, because this has more to do with Polly's photography skills than my outfit. I just love how the building (it's our library!) looks with my outfit. I'm kind of going for some modern/industrial vibes here.



Friday I had my Dutch exam, which isn't hard but it's just A LOT of writing, so I wanted to wear something comfortable but still interesting and cool. Thanks to Anna again for taking the pictures (we're a golden duo when it comes to outfit pics lol). I'm wearing a grey shirt from Zara, jeans from Airdate and black loafers from COS. I'm wearing fishnets underneath my jeans. They looked cool with the loafers and the raw hem. I tied my shirt so you could see them peeking under my shirt. 

That's it! I've got 5 more exams to go, so I'll take pictures of my outfits and write a post about it again. 

See you.

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