Autumn faves

Hi there!
It's been ages since I wrote here again, I guess blogging just isn't made for me and my fellow lazy dorks out there. I love it so much though, and I'm really bummed out by the fact I'm not able to do it as often as I would like. So the SS18 collections were fantastic, I mean like crazy good collections. Calvin Klein, Proenza Schouler and Creatures of the Wind are what dreams are made of.

It's finally cold here, and by cold I mean actually 'cold'. Like, wearing gloves and a hat when you're biking-cold. I couldn't be happier with Autumn, and it'll be December soon, which means it's party season. I'm very excited for the festive season to start, but for now let's focus on getting through a month more school and exams.

So what will I be writing about today? You wonder. Today I'll be talking about my Autumn faves, so enjoy!


I picked up a copy of Women In Clothes a few weeks ago at the library, and I've been loving it so far. It's basically a book that compiles dozens of stories about women and their relationship with fashion. The chapters range from conversations between random people to colour guides (written by Queen Tavi Gevinson herself), with little random questions and comments thrown in between the text. I think this is a great book to just casually read once in a while. I think the concept is really great, the execution could've been better. Some parts just carry a bit too much Lena Dunham-vibes, if you know what I mean. However, I like this book, and there are some great pieces by people I love like Tavi and Kim Gordon.


As you all know by now, I'm not a makeup kind of girl. Lately I've been more interested in make-up though, and I'm excited to try out some makeup looks. I've been getting really bored with growing out my buzz cut, so I think I've been experimenting with makeup more because I can't do anything with my hair. I also like how makeup looks with my short hair. I am still very basic when it comes to wearing makeup. I like doing a lot of different things with my style, but beauty-wise I just classic, basic beauty products I can rely on. I only got this palette a few days ago, but just wanted to include it here because the colours are SO AUTUMN-LIKE. I love and other stories' beauty products and I just couldn't resist buying this palette, because it's a staple palette I can use for a lot of different things. I just want to have as few makeup stuff as possible, because I'm already so hectic style-wise. I'm very excited to use all of these colours in different looks. I've used the highlighter and it looks amazing, and very natural as well.


I've been wearing these basic silver rings and silver earrings a lot lately. I love how they look with turtlenecks.


How amazing is this sweater?! This piece usually isn't something I would be drawn to when I'm walking around Weekday, but this sweater is so fluffy and warm that I just had to try it on, and then I couldn't leave it behind. I'm that person who is always cold, so this sweater is perfect for me. It also has a high neck, which is practical as my head gets pretty cold with my short hair. This makes any outfit more interesting, and it adds more texture to your look.


I buy a magazine every week or so, and last week I picked up this issue with Winnie Harlow on the cover. I love Winnie Harlow, and this magazine is actually way nicer than I expected! It has way less advertisements than Vogue, which is nice because you really get a lot of eye candy for the price you're paying. The articles are pretty cool as well. The styling is great and I love the shoots! There's like 8 pages worth of Winnie Harlow hanging around in Christian Dior's house. How cool is that?


My friend Anna recommended me this face cream after I had a 10 minute rant on how I couldn't find a mosturizer that feels light on my skin. I love the scent of this, the packaging looks really nice and it hydrates my skin without being too heavy.

That was it for today! See you soon.



  1. This made me miss you and your letters so much ! The weather is not the best in Brazil too but I feel like I'm gonna miss the cold winter and spending time watching bad Christmas movies in my dad's oversized sweaters aha ❄️ until next time, your friend Lélie

  2. Love this post, great spread!