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I started this new segment on my blog a while ago when I was bored and wanted to mix fashion and film together. I only wrote one post about this, but today I find myself being bored in my bedroom once again. For those who are new to this blog, I wrote a post called 'Outfits in Films' this Summer where I discussed the style of a certain character and put together an outfit inspired by the character. I highly doubt that anyone is interested in this, but it's a cool way to introduce you to my favourite films/series while staying true to the subject of this thing-I-call-a-blog.

As many of you (read: the four people who probably read this ol' thing) probably know, I'm a sucker for a good series. I have obsessed millions of times over millions of series. Among my favourites are House M.D. (surprise, surprise) and SKAM (an even bigger surprise, I suppose). My all-time favourite show ever in the whole entire universe and beyond is Friends, though. Friends, the epitome of coziness and friendship. The ultimate 'feel-good' series, set in New York, in the nineties. Long story short: Friends is the best series ever. Today we're focusing on Rachel Green, who's my favourite character.

Rachel Green is introduced in the beginning of the series as a spoiled brat who left her man at the altar and fled to New York to live in a cool apartment with her best friend from high school. She eventually ends up working in fashion (how could you not, though, with her sense of style). No wonder I like her so much, right? Rachel Green is the ultimate 90s it-girl. Her outfits just scream NEW YORK FASHION (your screamed that inside your head, right? Gotta love that capslock button) and I honestly wish mine did too. I looked for some of my favourite outfits from the series to show you guys, you better appreciate this because I went through a Bustle article compiling the 703 outfits Rachel wore on Friends. 703 OUTFITS, in the time span of about half a day. I would say that is half a day well-spent. I personally like the outfits she wears in the first two seasons the most, as we progress to the early 2000s, the outfits get a little more, well... intense. We all just want to forget 2000s fashion trends forever, don't we. It's too painful to watch.


These pictures are theoretically not pictures of Rachel Green, but of Jennifer Aniston in the 90s. I just chose these pictures because of Aesthetic Reasons. I couldn't find any decent-quality screenshots of the outfits she wore on Friends so I picked these 90s pics because they actually reflect Rachel Green's style perfectly! Honestly, there's barely any difference between these outfits and the outfits on Freinds, except for the lack of the colour brown, perhaps.

Okay, so here's two outfits the 90s Rachel wore on Friends.


Slips are a staple in Rachel Green's closet, and so is velvet, so a velvet slip paired with a white, frilly turtleneck is the perfect mix of casual dressing and chic that Rachel could pull of. Rachel always keeps it classic, so paired with a black blazer and some basic loafers, this outfit is the most Rachel outfit ever. You could also go on another route and go for a miniskirt, the epitome of Rachel Green's style. Paired with a frilly white see-through blouse and the same blazer and loafers, this outfit is a little more 'Rachel on a date'. 

Next up, an outfit that Rachel would wear in 2018 (happy new year btw!), following the most recent trends as someone who works in fashion. 


A good pair of mom jeans is a Rachel Green Essential, but in 2018 she would definitely go for jeans with a raw hem because, duh, raw hems are a thing right now. I guess she would pair it with a basic camisole to keep it casual. I totally see Rachel owning the sock-boot trend that is going on right now, a black pair, obviously. She always keeps it simple. A green army jacket in patent leather finishes off the look. Rachel is known for wearing some great coats and jackets, and since green is really her colour, this jacket would look killer with those jeans. 

I don't know why I just wrote this post. You probably don't care at all, but writing these helps me sort out all of the style ideas in my mind. 

See ya.


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