Cold as ice

Hi there it's me yes me are you surprised did you expect someone else???
Sorry, this was one of my many attempts to start a blogpost less awkward and dorky (this clearly did not work) (I hate how there are no punctuation marks in that first sentence). I will always be a dork.

So lately I've been really into this icy, light blue, cold california winter vibes. Beautiful to see but there's something creepy/empty/painfully farmiliar. Happy good things, but some not really creepy but different. Think abanodoned shopping malls, empty streets, old diners. They're all beautiful because of the colours and shapes and stuff but in a certain way they give you shivers in a soft way. You're probably thinking: what's she talking about random stuff trying to give it all of these deep meanings and being pretentious. I know I probably sound incredibly stupid writing this but this is really how I feel about all these things and it's hard to explain.

Okay, icy sunny winter vibes include old cars, light colors, places people used to go, the combination of mint green and bright red (pink), yearbook pictures on a blue background and light blue tie-dye.


Kate moss at The Beverly Hills hotel via pinterest, unknown via rookiemag, Qui etes vous? via rookiemag, winona ryder via pinterest, twiggy via pinterest, niagara falls 1958 via poshy, unknown via stylerookie, retrospace, frosty palace via pinterest.

The colours on the 8th picture are exactly the colours I mean and the second and third picture give off a wintery 50s diner feel which I loooove.


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