Schoooooool's out. for. ever! If you didn't sing this with a cool rocker voice, SHAME ON YOU!

It's summer, and I waited way too long for this to do nothing, so this summer is going to be more aesthetically-listening-to records-in a-teenage-bedroom and less sweating-in-million-degrees-sweatpants-while-scrolling-through-instagram. I'm already having a busy week, and it's my very first week of freedom! I went shopping this friday so expect some outfits coming up.
YES! O-U-T-F-I-T-S. I know, I know, this is supposed to be a style blog, but I'm better at posting when I don't have to take all the pictures without a tripod and then I have to edit them and ugh. Too much work for this lazy potato.

Therefore, enjoy the " Great and Beautiful and Sunny Summer Vibes".

Petra collins, Tavi Gevinson, Rookie road trip x urban outfitters and Elle Fanning for Self Service
Sunny adventures in summer, the colours really match but what I love about these photo's are the grainy yellow filters. They remind me of those heavily yellow filtered summer memories.

Unknown via Tumblr, Mansur Gavriel, Eye candy via Rookiemag and again Elle Fanning for Self Service
Again FILTERS and badass girls being cool. I feel like summer is always the time for teenagers who love rock. You know, sitting in their teenage bedrooms being a rebel.

Disneyland via Tumblr, again Mansur Gavriel, letters from Suzy bishop and GUESS WHAT?
These are an ode to teenagers from the suburbs. Because they're the essence of summer right? Disneyland is beautiful and creepy and the letters from Sam and Suzy are for the suburbs touch.

Vogue cover, Maryam Nassir Zadeh via instagram, unknown via Instagram and unknown via Tumblr.
These just match and remind me of summer.

Elle Fanning, Unknown by Petra Collins, Tavi Gevinson on the rookie roadtrip and Taylor swift in 22
A very sunny and red collage. This just screams summer, I mean: pools, ice cream, diners and hearts sunglasses. How much summer can you get? I love these dreamy summer days. DREAMY.

Okay, I hope you liked my glorious summer vibes! You better because it took ages to put together.


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