So I spent the last 4 months hibernating in my bedroom discovering the depths of Tumblr (you know your dignity is gone when you reach the 2009 reblogs of your favourite blog) while crying over periods and Beyoncé songs. I guess I'm ready to leave my pile of blankets safely and start going outside again.

It's only the first day of Spring, but as always I am way too excited for sunshine and hot weather to wait for my new vibes. Last year's vibes were very 'fifties American diner from Grease'. Lately I've been in a slightly calmer mood. I want to create a more realistic view on Spring in general. Because Spring isn't just bright colours and flowers.

I turned 15 recently, and I've been thinking about teenagers a lot lately. I'm feeling like a teenager more than ever right now.. Maybe it's too early to think about myself as a teenager and all these changes are the kind of things I should look back at in a few years. Nostalgia is weird. When you're a teenager you know every emotion you feel is ten times stronger, and yet you can still be a part of those feelings. Adults often say they loved the 'not knowing' part of their younger years. I don't agree, I think the only way to know how teenagers feel is by being one. A lot of people think teenagers now feel the way they did when they were younger. That's why pretty much everyone feels misunderstood during puberty. I think that's what this Spring is about. TEENAGERS. The word you usually associate with (let's be honest) sweat, acne and "drugs and sex omg watch out!!". It's like I said earlier, it's dreamy but still realistic, because every moment feels like something really intense and important.
All of this reminded me of this interview with Petra Collins on nostalgia I read recently.

'... But these kind of images address the overall nostalgia you feel when you're young-throughout being a teenager, it feels nostalgic because you're already looking at it in a retrospective, you're told that these moments are fleeting, that the memories last forever and these sorts of experiences , alongside their portrayals in the media, sort of come to define you. So there is this desire, and like, fantasy, in already looking back at yourself and how you want to seem, how you'll remember, how it will compare, even while you're living it.'

That's also why I'm splitting my Spring vibes in two parts this time (can you tell I spend too much time thinking about stuff like this?). Let's start with realistic and then we'll follow with dreamy.



Barbie Ferreira for American Apparel, Tavi Gevinson for BULLETT magazine.


Yara Shahidi for IVY PARK. I know, best combination ever.


Petra collins aka Coolest Person Ever.


Barbie Fereirra again and Rowan Blanchard.

The video for Shutdown by Skepta.

Tavi Gevinson for The Great Discontent.

Petra Collins via Tumblr.

Unknown via Tumblr.

WEEKDAY jeans campaign via their website.


Unknown via Tumblr.

Maisie Cousins (I just found out about her and OMG)


Barbie Fereirra and Tavi Gevinson chilling in cozy beds.

It's Me And You via their website.


Arvida Bystrom for Lula and Maisie Cousins.

Unknown via Tumblr

24 HR PSYCHO by Petra Collins (I'm obsessed)

Ryan McGinley.

This one just said Harley Weir so yeah.

Luigi Ghirri.

My favourite shoot ever from Rookiemag.


Anna Collins photoraphed by Petra for A Magazine Curated By Alessandro Michele.


Petra Collins, unknown via Tumblr.

Ryan McGinley again.


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