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New York Fashion Week has begun. Influencers' Instagram stories are filled with clips of models on the catwalks, being in a cab or walking down the street. Our inboxes are flooded with Vogue Runway newsletters. I look at the Instagram stories with a feeling of jealousy, and I obsess over my favourite designers dropping their Spring Summer 2018 collections. I've been in a little fashion rut since March. I went shopping and I was interested in fashion and all, but since August my obsession with fashion came back to me. I realise that fashion is really what I want to do and I'm trying my best to make that happen! Anyway, as always, here are my New York Fashion Week faves. I know these aren't really interesting to read, but I just kind of make these for myself to look back to later.

Here we go.



When Raf Simons transferred to Clavin Klein, we knew it was going to be awesome. I think this collection maybe even topped the last legendary collection (still not over that soundtrack) because of the pieces that seemed to be made just for me. Purses with huge fringe at the bottom, coloured denim, red boots, see through fabrics... So dreamy yet so down to earth!



Each season, there's a designer that really surprises me with an insanely good collection. Last year that was Molly Goddard, but now it's definitely SOLACE LONDON. I didn't know about this brand until I was mindlessly scrolling through every single NYFW collection on the Vogue Runway app (yes I am this fanatic). AND OMG. That white fanny pack, the turtleneck dress with the long white belt. THOSE JEANS. I'm crazy about this collection, and I hope you are too. I would wear every single look in a minute if I could. 



I've never been a huge fan of coach because I think it's kind of like a more brown version of Gucci. But this fashion week I was proved wrong. It's still not "my favourite collection ever omg!", but I'm giving it a chance. It might get on that level in a few years. Anyway, there are some things I really like about this collection, some things I don't like at all. It's just the kind of collection that challenges you to look beyond the outfits and see some of the pieces in different settings. I think it's nice to think like that every once in a while because perfectly composed outfits in perfect settings (read: Calvin Klein) makes you a little lazy when it comes to being creative. The only thing you have to do is sit back and watch the amazingness walk by. 



Creatures of the wind is one of those brands that I loved from the start. Ever since I started obsessing over fashion the way I do now (which is about 3 years ago) I just loved this so much. Every time they bring out a new collection there's something so comforting and cool about it that just makes me want to be as effortlessly chic as the people wearing it. Disturbance is something that seems to be coming back every season, and although that's interesting, I like the feel of comfort that collections like Creatures of the Wind give me. 



Eckhaus Latta has never really been up my street. I think the aesthetic of the brand was just too vague for me and I never really bothered to take a better look at the collections until this one. The first thing that appealed to me was the location. The grey, cool background looks so effortless yet sophisticated with the clothes and creates an aesthetic that immediately interests me. The second thing that makes me love this collection is the casting of the models. The models all look so good in the clothes they're wearing and I think it's really nice to see a brand casting a really diverse range of models without making a huge deal out of it. I like the normality of it. This truly represents a lot of people. Different skin colours, sizes, pregnant people... The clothes are also items I would wear in my daily life. These are the kind of outfits someone wears on the street and that person looks so damn good in something really simple. 



At first I was a bit hesitant when looking at this collection. This collection is pretty kinky, and although I think it can be a good think to express these kind of themes in a collection, I'm the kind of person that gets really, really uncomfortable with this kind of stuff. I guess I'm not ready to discuss these kind of things yet. However, I pushed myself and decided to investigate some of the looks of this collection. They pleasantly surprised me! The colours and materials are really nice. A clear plastic bag case combined with a big black coat and heels is the perfect mix of playful and sophisticated, while a soft tulle dress gave off some seriously dreamy vibes. 

See you soon.


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