Crisp af

Yet again I'm starting this post with a sincere apology for the crappy title. I feel like my mind just goes blank when I try to think of something to write in that empty white title bar.  A week of Easter holidays aka pure bliss aka lying on my couch all day has passed and I feel like I've now gained enough energy to write some blogposts again, so here we are! 

I took some photos of myself in my new white shirt I got in the mail before I left for London. I got sent this shirt by & Other Stories and it might just be the Perfect White Shirt™, no kidding. It fits slightly oversized, and it's made of cotton which is perfect because I feel like classic pieces like white shirts should be made out of cotton. I'm really excited about this shirt as it's a universal piece I can wear with just about anything.


 That's it! I'll try to write some posts next week, but I'm not making any promises. 

See u 

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